Friday, November 13, 2009

Cartograms and Geography

Cartograms are maps in which some thematic mapping variable is substituted for land area. For the years that I have been at Bridgewater State College, as a Geography major, I have really come to love and appreciate cartograms for the dramatic message that they send. At this point in my life, my education has defined me as a person, and will shape all my decisions hereafter. Looking at the cartograms Tertiary Education and Women Not in Tertiary Education remind me of how fortunate I am to have access to higher education. Geography really can help you to see the world differently, as well as your place within it!

Tertiary Education (Above)

Women Not in Tertiary Education (Above)

These cartograms are taken from It is a great site to use for cartograms, which has many different mapping themes, as well as new population cartograms for the countries of the world.

Written by: Megg Goodrich